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  JK Mixer Weirdness
Posted by: TWDay72 - 11-23-2021, 06:55 AM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - No Replies

Without any evidence of updates in the JK system, it seems like the portal's mixer functions have gone nuts. Used to be, the "audio inputs" mostly functioned like typical pre-fader signals in a normal mixer and the "personal mix" section mostly worked like an aux send used for headphone or monitor mixes. Now, I don't know what is going on with the mixers, especially when we use a drum track played through the "Open/audio file" input path.

For starters, figuring out who has "control" of the "audio file" volume is tricky-to-impossible. Whoever opens the file has primary control of the" audio file" volume, but when anyone else in the session messes with the "audio file" the volume changes radically and painfully for everyone but the person who loaded the file into JK. Once that starts happening, everyone is grabbing for the "audio file" volume and it is a clusterf**k from then on. It has become so unusable that at least one member of our group is at the point where he doesn't feel his Gold member$p is worth the money and if he leaves we'll probably all give up the on-line band idea. I might be the only one of the 5 of us who bothers with continuing a paid member$p since I'm the only one who ever attempts to use JK for random jamming.

  Jamtrack display
Posted by: Terles - 11-22-2021, 07:10 PM - Forum: New Feature Requests - No Replies

Can purchased jamtracks be displayed alphabetically, or maybe selected by an alphabet letter to make them easier to find?

  JamKazam/MacPro buffering and releasing audio
Posted by: jimlarsen@telus.net - 11-21-2021, 05:12 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (5)

I am using JamKazam on a MacBook Pro running OS Sierra with a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 audio interface. Intermittently what happens is the outbound audio will stop for a second or 2, and then it seems to dump the buffered audio but it just sounds like garbled data. Seems like it's buffering and releasing for some reason. It happens intermittently every couple of minutes. Not sure if the problem is on the MacBook, JamKazam software or the Behringer interface. 
Any ideas?

  Oct 2021 JamKazam Crashes After Starting a Session
Posted by: trsands - 11-21-2021, 04:40 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (1)

Sadly, after usingJamKazam weekly with complete success for a very long time, suddenly it doesn't work on my desktop computer at all.
I have a 2018 iMac running Mojave with a 1 TB SSD and 40 GB of RAM. I connect a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 to it via USB C. Initially what seemed to be happening was that when I started JamKazam, it would crash within 40 seconds. This happened every single time. The troubleshooting that I tried was 1) Restarting JamKazam, 2) Rebooting the computer (and only running the Focusrite Control Pannel & JamKazam), 3) Disconnecting the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 and using my USB based Blue Yeti, 4) I uninstalled the JamKazam software and reinstalled it.

At this point, the best that the situation improved is that it seemed like I could load the program and it wouldn't crash, but as soon as I joined a session, the program would crash within 20-30 seconds. I have been trying different things for two weeks now with no success on this iMac.
I have been able to play in one session using my underpowered MacBook Air 2018 with a 500 GB SSD and 16GB RAM running Catalina. It only crashed once, but for some reason the volume that is heard by the others on the session is very loud and I can do nothing to decrease it using the JamKazam program, the controls on my Focusrite 4i4 Control Pannel software, or mic. I tried the Blue Yeti with the MacBook Air and even with the Gain turned all of the way down, I still go into the red zone in the JamKazam software and it is too loud of the others still. In addition, I never intended to use this laptop for JamKazam, and although it sort of works, I really don't like it. JamKazam did crash once, but once I reloaded, I was able to continue.

If anyone had any suggestions for dealing with my iMac, I would really appreciate it. I wondered if there was something 'more' than just deleting JamKazam that could flush out anything left on my computer that could fully clear out anything related to JamKazam.

  Individual levels
Posted by: stuartpenn@hotmail.co.uk - 11-13-2021, 07:59 PM - Forum: Help with JamTracks - No Replies

As a group of 4, we regularly use jam tracks in various mixes but do not have individual control over volume in personal mix. Only the originator of the track has control. Is this normal or another glitch in the system.

  Monitoring on a MOTU 828MK3
Posted by: TWDay72 - 11-11-2021, 04:34 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - No Replies

One of the guys in our group has a MOTU 828MK3 interface that seems to be providing a weird output. I have a MOTU UltraliteMk3, so I have some familiarity with CueMix, but I haven't been able to sort out his problem. When he mutes any of his 4 inputs in "Personal Mix" it mutes his signal to us, too. And he doesn't seem to have any independent control of his bass or an audio file volume to his headphone mix.

  macOS 12 (.0.1) Monterey
Posted by: Dimitri Muskens - 11-04-2021, 02:41 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (4)

Hello all,

After seeing the question on FB a couple of times.

Yes, JamKazam seems to run quite smooth on the new macOS Monterey. It does on two of my Intel based machines.
E.g. running Monterey on an MBP 2015 (i7/512/16Gb) is swift and smooth. No programs/apps needed intervention, all hardware is supported. The upgrade, coming from Big Sur, took more restarts than I can remember from earlier upgrades but all went well and without user input.

!! Disclaimer !!
I am definitely NOT saying everyone should upgrade! 'Every' machine, use case and configuration is different. So is external eqpt that is used. You decide what's best for you.
Just saying it works for me and my MBP and use case is nothing special.

I definitely DO recommend cleaning up your OS/files and running a backup (Time Machine) before any major surgery.


  Jamtrack distorted, cracking?
Posted by: BigAl - 10-31-2021, 02:53 PM - Forum: Help with JamTracks - No Replies

I am quite competent with audio, interfaces, jamkazam.  For some reason I am experiencing major distortion with the one single free jamtrack - wish you were here.  JK sessions otherwise sound fine, everything else sounds fine, just he jamtrack comes in crackling (not audio-level clipping, but rather a crackling).  I have solo'd each instrument on the track, they are all crackling.

Any advise?


  Find people you've played with?
Posted by: cah329a - 10-31-2021, 02:37 AM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - Replies (3)

Do I recall seeing a way to find a list of people you've played with? Where was that???

CIndy Harris
Pittsburgh, PA

  Players dropping out
Posted by: jwasco - 10-29-2021, 02:29 AM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - No Replies


My group has been using JamKazam for sessions now for well over a year. Recently the drummer drops out so the bass player can no longer hear him. The others in the session can hear both the bass and drums but the bass player cannot hear the drummer. What is causing someone to lose one of the players in a session and how can we prevent this from happening in the future? We all have ample internet speeds that have been working up until now. Comments?

Jim Wasco