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Mac M1 Pro and Max JK Issues? - scottfauts - 07-21-2022

Hiya - since I picked up my M1 Pro MBP when I try to connect to JK - a single solo session works fine. But when I switch to a group session - we get terrible input and output jitter over audio devices, sporadic spikes and it's unusable.

I have tried using my PreSonus Studio 24c - and the direct Interface on my Roland TD27. The PreSonus worked great over Midi using my previous Macbook Pro (Intel) and an Intel Based Hackintosh - so the culprit appears to be the chips here. My guess would be it's to do with Rosetta.

Of course I've tried multiple cables etc, direct input, hubs and the issue remains. The Internet latency is always fine but the input and output jitter it's claiming is the device goes absolutely crazy. Cpu usage is fine around 5-6%

I guess the question is - is there anything we can do about this?

More than happy to do some work around it!