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How does the Free account timer work?
JK's site says, "Free plan users are limited to a 1-hour maximum session length, a total of 4 hours of session time per month, and a max of 4 players per session. The Free plan does not include access to recording, broadcasting, or video features, and limits audio stream quality to 128kbps per stream." I have been on the Gold plan for about 2 years, but when my JK group broke up I dropped my paid account. A friend and I tried the free session setup last night and discovered that while the JK timer ran out on both of us, we were able to keep playing another 1/2 hour. Is that how it is supposed to work?
T.W. Day
Minnesota, USA
Question… was there any interruptions? Did either one have to exit session or refreshed session while jamming? If so, how many times and duration? If not, I’m sure it will get patched…

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