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  For all happy JK users
Posted by: Sticks - 06-01-2021, 04:53 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (3)

I want to post that JK is working just fine for me.
Yes, there are areas where more work and improvement is required (like in real life).

All in all JK works great and being on there each night meeting musicians from all over the world and playing some music feels is soooo good and makes me happy.

Please reply only if you have something good to say about JK.

Thank you

  Add Recorders to instrument list
Posted by: Baroque Personal Trainer - 05-30-2021, 07:18 AM - Forum: New Feature Requests - No Replies

I'm a Recorder player, specifically on Baroque Music. My feature is very simple to add (I suppose Shy
It's already in msg object but I'm asking to add the Recorder instrument to the list.
Thanks a lot.
Baroque Personal trainer

  Google fiber
Posted by: chipgulbro@gmail.com - 05-27-2021, 08:56 PM - Forum: Help with Network Gear - Replies (2)

I have google fiber-How do I hard wire ethernet when there is but one portal and that is being used for another google device -a little round white device that looks like a larger hockey puck.   We have two computers-streaming tv in the house. 


  Creative Space for Songwriters
Posted by: Mike K - 05-27-2021, 12:28 PM - Forum: New Feature Requests - No Replies

Hi, relatively new user here.

I've been loving Jamkazam so far.  

Just throwing this out there.  How many people are interested in a separate creative space for songwriters?  

My suggestion would be a separate area focused on showcasing your original songs, collaborations, songwriting circles (ala Bluebird Cafe), or having songwriting nights?

I personally would love to have an easy way to meet other songwriters and focus on the craft.

I think that would do great things for increasing the interactivity and the creative space, and therefore intrinsic value, of Jamkazam.

  App freezing and cra$ng on Windows 10
Posted by: tonemaul - 05-23-2021, 05:20 PM - Forum: Help with Windows Client Problems - Replies (21)

I just installed JK 2.0 on this Windows 10 machine, and unfortunately the app either freezes or exits suddenly a few minutes after starting. This has happened all 4 times I've tried to run JK. The install was done from jamkazam.com/downloads, and before it freezes, the app says it's v2.0 but how can I be sure it includes the May 19th update?

So this time I uninstalled JK completely, then reinstalled it. The About screen says it's 2.0 - 1.0.4031 and the .exe date is 5/20/21, so I'm assuming that's the May 19th update. Unfortunately I can't get JK to staying running, it keeps exiting suddenly. I did manage to get a crash report screen the first time, so you should be receiving my crash report.

  have the jitters
Posted by: dnbernstein@gmail.com - 05-22-2021, 08:04 PM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - No Replies

Since reinstalling required by upgrade, impossible to play in regular music circle without extreme static.  Apparently due to input and output jitters. Help?

  JamKazam transfers 2 Tracks from another player as a single non-manipulable stream
Posted by: mheeley.gm@gmail.com - 05-20-2021, 11:28 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (3)

Whereas each of us can see our 2 tracks separately on our Audio Input and Personal Mix instruments, the other can only see one panel with the name of the first track where the 2 tracks have different names.
We can both see both of our own tracks in Personal Mix, and pan them and hear the effect of the panning. But for the other player's sound we hear that sound as combined with no control of the mix between the two.
Like others, we expected to be able to see two panels for other players like we can for ourselves, and adjust the balance between the other's tracks and use panning for their contributions.
However, this Support Solution asserts that JamKazam DOES just transfer 2 Tracks from a player as a single non-manipulable stream to the other players:
Adjusting Your Session Mix
Created by: David Wilson
Modified on: Mon, 16 Nov, 2020 at 6:24 AM
So this means in your Personal Mix and across all the Pro Audio Mixer features, you can only adjust the balance between your own 2 channels in your ears. Everyone else gets their adjusted-own sound plus just level-adjustable combined tracks from everyone else. Good to make distinct parts of your own 2-track output but that’s all.
We have only recently been into the Pro Audio Mixer and there we get the distinct visibility of the 2 tracks for the other player but don’t get any extra control (can't balance them to our own taste, not introduce panning of their sound which we can then hear). I note the comment that was made against the earlier post about the Pro Audio Mixer having a parallel/alternate existence to Personal Mix, but I don’t believe there is any advantage to manipulating other players’ tracks.
We’re only interested in practicing with the best possible foldback of what’s happening (as on stage, manipulating your own and others’ sound is desirable). It seems that there’s nothing in JamKazam which allows other than basic level manipulation in the Personal Mix, although it initially seemed that rebalancing and re-panning individual tracks was possible. So I believe we now know to stop looking for this and just enjoying the excellent lag-free service which we’ve had recently.

The recent post on 01-13-2021 by @carvinae185@gmail.com  raised the need for clarification on the operation of the Pro Audio Mixer, as did the guidance response from @GDJ, Volunteer Moderator. From the perspective of manipulating others’ sounds in your Personal Mix, we spent many hours trying to deduce what benefits if has for the headphone ‘foldback’ mix whilst practicing and came to the conclusion there are none specifically for this whereas it may benefit streaming, recording etc.

  Jamtracks slowing down since upgrade
Posted by: michaelapk - 05-20-2021, 10:57 AM - Forum: Help with JamTracks - Replies (1)

Upgraded Jamkazam yesterday for my Windows 10 machine. Followed the directions, uninstalled old version, rebooted, installed new, rebooted. When I tested Jamkazam, overall things seemed to work ok in a private room until I tried using my Jamtracks. The Jamtracks were unusable. Things were slowing down, there was a lot of distortion with pops and crackles. I tried multiple resynchs but that didn't seem to help. My guitar stayed clean.

Has anyone else had that problem? Solutions?

Bug Do Not Install May 18th update! -> RESOLVED <-
Posted by: Zlartibartfast - 05-18-2021, 10:47 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (6)

I ran the update on a Big Sur (11.3.1) system and an El Capitan (10.11.6) system today. Both of them (were then) unable to launch JamKazam.

Do Not Allow your Mac to take the May 18 *automatic* update!

I will submit a ticket with JamKazam, and post here when I have some news

-> see below <-

  Getting bombed on JK sessions
Posted by: Olivier Piroue - 05-18-2021, 08:47 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (1)

Today was my second session where an intruder (not having joined the session) posted an audio file to the session and it plays back at an extremely loud volume. Has anyone else experienced this?