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Presonus studiolive 16r - Lrizzo2001 - 12-11-2022

So I'm on an Intel IMAC,  plenty of power and 16gb of ram.
I'm using an aggregate of the presonus studio live 16r and Blackhole. 
I can't seem to get through the audio setup in jamkazam without the app hanging up at some point and giving me the spinning beach ball and stops responding.

I'm also using Logic MainStage as my DAW.  I have my MainStage setup perfectly and my outputs are going to blackhole 3/4 which are also being used as the inputs in Jamkazam.  the outputs in jamkazam are 17/18 which are outs 1/2 from the presonus.

It was all working ok on an older presonus 1818vsl  but wanted to upgrade my interface for something more current.   I'm able to run any and all other apps like Sonobus and Jamulus without any issues at all,  it's only Jamkazam that simply will not let me even get through an audio setup without hanging on me.  I've since cancelled my subscription, but this is a last ditch effort for you to provide some support for me to even consider using this software again.

Please let me know what other information you need.