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  Dropped from Sessions
Posted by: rubato - 02-19-2021, 08:36 PM - Forum: Help with Windows Client Problems - Replies (3)

I am a new user and have done a couple of sessions.  I keep getting dropped from the session after about 30 minutes.  The screen makes it look like I'm still in the session, but I can't hear and they can't hear me.  Clicking the leave button won't work and I have to close out JamKazam and open it back up to re-enter the session.  I'm running Window 10 Pro on a desktop machine that is less than a year old and have the sleep setting to never.

Thanks for any advice that will solve this problem.

  audio setup
Posted by: al.harris478@gmail.com - 02-19-2021, 07:41 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - Replies (4)

I have a Mac running Catalina and am using a Focusrite 3rd Gen interface. This has been working fine with Jamkazam but I had a crash today and had to restore from a Time Machine backup. Now I get no audio through the interface into Jamkazam. The interface is fine with Presonus Artist and other audio software. I uninstalled Jamkazam and downloaded a fresh copy and installed that. I went through the audio setup and the interface appeared in the drop down list but no audio came through, When I got to the page with the single test button, this worked fine.
If I go into a session, I can hear others but there is no audio input from my mic and instrument despite the lights on the interface showing activity. If I switch on the direct monitoring, I can hear everything. This is turned off when I am using Jamkazam.
Any suggestions would be very welcome. This is driving me gently off the rails....

  Headphone distortion
Posted by: edward.allen@yahoo.com - 02-16-2021, 07:09 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - Replies (3)

I have searched the forum for "headphone distortion" and found no posts.
I have also searched for "headphone" and I don't see any posts that deal with headphone distortion.
Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered.  If so, please point me to the discussion.

Any help would be valuable, as JK is basically unusable for me until I beat the following challenge:

The Problem
With my headphones on, I'm getting distortion that sounds (when I sing) as if I had plastic wrap over my mouth.
I also get distortion when I play my acoustic guitar and I do not sing.
Both of these occur when I'm using a microphone to pick up my singing or playing.
I also get distortion when I play my digital piano directly (1/4" jack) into my interface, and don't use the microphone.
The distortion is worse when I play or sing more loudly.

Other participants claim they do not hear this distortion; it is local only to my setup.

When there are no other participants (I am in a private solo session) and I record myself in session using the JK "Record" feature,
my recording lacks the distortion (it may be that it is present, but is lower in volume, relative to the signal) I heard when making the recording.

I get no headphone distortion with the same headphones when using the exact same setup recording into my DAW (Cakewalk/Bandlab).
I get no headphone distortion any other time I used the headphones, including listening to Youtube videos, etc.

Info that may be relevant
My Steinberg audio interface has a red LED that shows when the signal is too hot, and that LED is not lighting (I have verified the LED is not broken).
I am also getting complete dropouts occasionally, when I cannot hear either myself or the other participants for about 1-2 seconds.
This dropout problem is less painful than the headphone distortion.
I just made an adjustment to my computer configuration so that the Service Host SysMain process is disabled, because it causes occasional heavy temporary
CPU usage which may have caused the dropouts.  Too soon to tell if that helps.

I have only one audio input configured.
I have played with the volume levels in the "audio inputs" and "personal mix".
Currently, the level of the slider in "audio inputs" is at the top of the green.
The level of the other slider, "personal mix" is just under the third bar from the top.
During the performance I don't see either of the dynamic level meters go into the red.

Groove Tube PSM1 microphone
Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro headphones
Steinberg UR22 mkII audio interface using native ASIO driver

Windows 10 computer (HP)
The following info comes from Control Panel->System
dual-core AMD A10-5700 APU
64-bit operating system

Windows power management is configured to use "High-performance" instead of "Balanced",
  and maximum and min processor state are both set to 100%, (as is recommended by other posts in this forum, and resources on JK)

Any help or advice is appreciated!

  Can’t get ASIO4ALL driver to produce low latency with my Audio Interface box
Posted by: richezHab - 02-15-2021, 07:25 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - Replies (1)

    I have an ASUS G11 desktop PC (I7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 3.41 GHz)
I am trying to use JamKazam with a friend to jam online
I have a Moukey MSC1 Audio Interface box USB 3.0
I have installed ASIO4ALL to try and improve on latency.
The JamKazan test using the WDM supported mic and headphones achieved 19 ms in the latency test (close to the red zone but barely acceptable)
When I select the ASIO driver and the mic and headphone input / output I get terrible latency results of plus 450 ms and can only get that result through a loop-back test.
I have tried changing all the available ASIO buffer settings, latency compensation etc settings to no avail.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

I also removed the ASIO4ALL 2.14 version and tried the 2.13 version as suggested in a help video which didn't help.

  Session title displays as "Dead Session" "Broken Session"
Posted by: GDJ - 02-15-2021, 01:55 AM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (7)

Unless I have not been that observant and this has been going on - please let me know. Otherwise I notice today multiple sessions by different users display as "Dead Session". This is unrelated to any Band by name and I decided join these sessions to discover the only person in session is greyed-out. I received a JK notification indicating they have audio issues. It's not surprising for someone to have audio problems but is this some new way of JK giving a heads up before jumping into a problematic session and saving you the trouble of finding out the hard way? Not that I'm convinced the app is that thought on in this respect due to the focus on other priorities, but it is an interesting trend and possible 'feature'?. I'm not convinced this is part of any scheme of users deciding to mess around because the profiles are significantly different to suggest it. Am i overthinking this?

Just thought i mention it Smile

Screenshot attached

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  Trouble with recording with Jam tracks
Posted by: timb - 02-14-2021, 04:23 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (1)

Im still trialling the software but using GOLD subscription. Ive downloaded a jam track and have got my audio all working fine (presonus 96). I can hear the jam track fine, i can hear my instrument fine, all the levels are good on the software BUT when i i record the tune my instrument is barely audible on the recording?
Anyone know why this might be?

  The value of Private Session
Posted by: jkpalmer@mac.com - 02-13-2021, 05:52 PM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - Replies (4)

New to JamKazam.

I see the option to start a private session.  Could someone give me some advice about the value of starting a private session for solo practicing?

Why would this be better than just setting up and playing by yourself in a room with your own technology?


  Backing Tracks Distorting
Posted by: NeilFann - 02-12-2021, 10:41 AM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - Replies (3)

Hi, I've recorded backing tracks we want to use. They are wav files. When I play then, I can always hear them fine but half the time they sound terribly distorted to my singer. There is no discernable pattern to what causes this. The pattern is reversed when she plays the track, it's fine for her and messed up for me.

Any ideas, this is such a pity, we were looking forward to performing with them.

  Silver Plan hours not as advertised.
Posted by: doctor_ego - 02-12-2021, 03:56 AM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (1)

My band mates and I had been using the basic(free) plan. Upon subscribing to Silver Plan tonight, before even using it, the app showed I have 5hrs 41 minutes remaining, not the 10hrs as advertised. We went ahead and played and now I have 3 hrs 20 min left.

Email to support comes back that they don't have support if you're not gold subscriber. There was a link to help desk that doesn't work because......... I'm not a gold subscriber.

Love the service, finally got it working with decent latency. Would like to get the advertised 10hrs/month.

  M1 + Big Sur + Full-Screen video = crash
Posted by: richard@tempestadimare.org - 02-12-2021, 03:50 AM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (8)

Has anybody else experienced and solved JK cra$ng on an M1+Big Sur Mac when switching video to full screen? Mine crashed consistently. I'm using a Mini. This is a new behavior on my system since one of the recent updates. I had been using JK full screen for sessions mid January without incident. 

Looking forward to hearing whether this is a known bug or something that's already been solved.