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JamKazam cra$ng every time while Amplitube 5 is on Mac
I got Amplitube 5 just over a week ago and found that when I next tried to use JamKazam it crashed within 10 seconds of starting or joining a session every time.

I can only use JK by deleting every single file related to Amplitube which is a shame as it wasn’t cheap.  

I’m using a Mac which is still on Catalina as it’s too old to update any further but does anyone know if it’s possible to have Amp 5 on my Mac and still be able to use JK? Not sure if there is something in the settings that would allow them to coexist - even if it’s not possible to use it as a plug in for JK.

Also, I’ve tried several times to delete and re set up the audio gear and every time, when I select my audio interface (Motu M2) it makes a horrendously loud buzzing.  If I ignore this and carry on with the set up it does all seem to work but I don’t think it should be making this sort of noise.  Wondering if this could also be related to Amplitube but I haven’t done an audio gear set up for over a year so o don’t know if this has also changed recently. 


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