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  Disconnected from Server Error
Posted by: Scrivener101 - 03-29-2020, 08:29 PM - Forum: Help with Network Gear - Replies (5)

I just downloaded the program today and it says I am disconnected from server, even though I have 100mb download speeds and an ethernet cable. I have been unable to connect even one time, are there server load issues right now?

  VSt's not being recognized
Posted by: ostaz - 03-29-2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Effects Plugins - Replies (2)


I can't seem to get JAmKazam to recognize any VSTs except for Kontakt 5.  I have halion, the Grand, the full version of Kontakt as well as many others....nothing is recognized.  I have pointed the app to the proper folders but nothing seems to work.

  Sample rate and ASIO latency isues
Posted by: ostaz - 03-29-2020, 06:50 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - Replies (1)

Hi there,

I'm having several issuses setting up the app with my M-Audio Fasttrack ultra 8r.

1. I can't use the M-Audio ASIO drivers with out a HUGE amount of latency.

2. The app is telling me that my input and output sample rates do not match.  I don't even know how that is possible.

i can't seem to get beyond these two issues.  If I could solve them, i think this would be an incredibly helpful tool.  I hope someone can help!


  Facebook troubles
Posted by: Christiaan - 03-29-2020, 06:25 PM - Forum: Help with Windows Client Problems - No Replies


I cant seem to login with facebook (or livestream to facebook).
Facebook tells me the app is still in development and i need to ask to be a testuser or ask the moderator for permission (translated from dutch so... dont know if you get the same message.)

Is this an issue that is going to be fixed?

  Problems with streaming live
Posted by: Christiaan - 03-29-2020, 06:21 PM - Forum: Help with Live Jamming Sessions - Replies (2)

I'd love to livestream my sessions to an audience on facebook. This does not seem to work.
Also, when I give people the link to watch/listen to a session on the jamkazamsite they get the pop up: not broadcasting.

Livestreaming doesnt seem to work in any way (expect if everybody downloads jamkazam and joins my session)

Is this a known problem?

  Settiing up Focusrite 2i2 on Win 10
Posted by: jb60202 - 03-29-2020, 05:39 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - No Replies

Am trying to get a Focusrite 2i 2 (1st Gen) working in Win 10. The link to detailed instructions is down and I cannot make it work. Please advise. Thanks.

  Reattempting to load www.jamkazam.com
Posted by: wjdcanuck - 03-29-2020, 04:45 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (33)

Huh Hi:  very much wanting to use this brilliant and much-needed platform.  I have Mac OS 10.14.6, and downloaded the app, but the message I'm getting after installing and opening the app is the same:  "Reattempting to load www.jamkazam.com ..."  Help?

  Few Mac app problems - Profile editor
Posted by: vneveux@gmail.com - 03-29-2020, 03:56 PM - Forum: Help with Mac Client Problems - Replies (1)

Hello all,
Thanks for your amazing work. You're building a very promising service ! Not only in the strange period of pandemic crisis we are all struggling against.

  1. I created a band. I'd like to modify some things in the Bio. When I clic on "Edit profile" or "Edit Bio" (linking the same page) I can modify the text but "Save and next" button has no effect. It doesn't validate my changes and I can't go next step, changing other information.

  2. When I first created that band profile, new members instruments or skills were not tagable - no check box and no effect at click...

  3. Band profile page shows :Location:
    Location :
    Paris, A8
    It should be Region or Country I guess... A8 means nothing to me - I suppose it's a code. 
    A very minor bug.

However. Thanks a lot for all.
Be good and the best for you and everybody on the line!
Vincent - Fr

  I cannot get the same ASIO latency with Jamkazam as with my DAW
Posted by: ricecrispies - 03-29-2020, 03:14 PM - Forum: Help with Audio Gear - Replies (7)

I am having audio latency problems with Jamkazam. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. When I use it to run my DAW (Reaper), I can set the buffer size to 32 samples and get 4.6ms latency. But when I try to configure Jamkazam, it sets the buffer to 120 samples and Jamkazam's reported latency is 23.5ms. So I open my ASIO controls and set the buffer to 32 samples again, but the reported overall latency doesn't change. It's still 23.5ms. When I reenable audio in my DAW I see that the latency is now 11ms. I then change the latency in the ASIO controls from 32 to 64 and back to 32 again, and now the DAW reports 4.6ms latency. But when I go back to Jamkazam, the reported latency is back to 23.5ms, and when I enable the audio in my DAW again, it once again reports 11ms. Why can't I get the same ASIO latency with Jamkazam as with Reaper?

  Limited number of participants?
Posted by: Chris Blackler - 03-29-2020, 03:05 PM - Forum: Rehearsals with Choirs or Large Groups - Replies (18)

Hi. Does jamkazam has an adminstrational or technical limitation in numbers of participants? I want to set-up a choir rehearsal with about 20 singers. Thx, Chris