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Beta? Yes please. - tfabris - 03-31-2020

How might one go about helping to test a beta version?

I'm a software QA engineer by trade. I can't guarantee I'd be able to thoroughly test all features, but I will say that any bugs I file will be written clearly and contain the necessary repro steps. I'd be testing JamKazam betasĀ on Mac, though I also have many years of experience testing software on Windows.

My main target would be to have my four-member band rehearse and livestream from JamKazam, so I'd be making sure that all four of us had the same version.


RE: Beta? Yes please. - Gregamyra - 03-31-2020

I too have years of software QA experience and would love to help as well. I am using JamKazam on Windows 10 currently but have all operating systems available to test on.

My main target is exactly as tfabris. Four-member band rehearsal and livestream from JamKazam.

Thank you.

RE: Beta? Yes please. - guitarman149 - 05-30-2020

exactly the same boat here. 4 piece function band looking to stream, have many years in music, technology and coding and would love to help improve JK.

RE: Beta? Yes please. - digitalrelay - 06-03-2020

I may be wrong, but I believe the Beta Features are in the main application, under Manage > Beta Features. At least I don't think there's a Beta version that you need to seek out or sign up for.