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mac update
SO there's an update today.  https://forum.jamkazam.com/announcements...T23tlTkEnY

But I opened my mac version and there was no update i noticed. So I went to the download site and reinstalled, but it looks like it might be the same version as yesterday for mac. mac build 1.20 v1.0.3674 is what i've got. My PC version updated just fine.  Anyone else know if this is the updated version or not and is there a way to get version numbers on the changelog? 
Hi, benwades! Thank you for the note.

I am also using a Mac. I just opened the JamKazam client to check, and I also did not receive an update. I am still at Build 1.20 - "1.03674". I can also see there is a new version of the Windows JamKazam client (Build 1.20 - "1.0.3722") when looking at the link on jamkazam.com/downloads.  I'll add the Windows release to the calendar, and hopefully, we'll see a Mac update shortly that corresponds with the announcement you linked.

Thanks again!
No prob! 
Also I think windows and mac have or have had 2 different version numbers.  Ie. My pc version and mac version have never been the same version numbers even after updates when I checked.  Hopefully they align soon.
I don't know what's up here, but my Mac client, 1.0.3676, is about to get another update...here we go....

drum roll, please....

just got reverted to 1.0.3674

seems that yesterday's update has been retracted
so weird. Keep me/us updated!

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