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Bose ToneMatch T1 and ASIO4ALL
I have had some success using a Bose ToneMatch T1 board with JamKazam using the ASIO4ALL driver.  A diagram is attached with my particular setup.  I upgraded to version 3.14 of the ASIO4ALL driver and found that I could never get my gear latency below 15ms for a session, even though the JamKazam gear setup and loopback test showed 3.15 ms of latency for the gear.  So I deleted the latest version of ASIO4ALL and went back to the previous 2.13 version - which worked!

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.pdf   BOSE T1 Interface diagram for JamKazam.pdf (Size: 91.78 KB / Downloads: 9)
Nice diagram!
I use a 2nd gen Focusrite 6i6. I found the beta Focusrite software to be of no help. I uninstalled, then reinstalled the production version. I set it to 96000/64, and JamKazam stopped trying to change it at those settings. I got latency of 3.92 ms in the Audio Gear setup of JK, and I'm able to use the 1ms frame rate without any problems. Also: I know this seems strange, but USB 3.0 was necessary--when using USB 2.0, the signal was noisy and unusable. Good luck!

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