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Cannot Upload Avatar Photo
Another update, another failure to fix problem Sad
Same issue as everyone else. JamKazam could you please acknowledge and possibly address this problem? Thanks!
Jim O'Brien
Bloomfield, NJ, USA
This is not a client issue and will NOT be fixed by an update for neither Windows nor MAC.

There's a ton of threads regarding 'avatar' and/or 'profile pics' which seems to keep people busy ...  Huh
I myself don't get this need for eye candy. I rather make music.

Trying very hard to keep the enormous daily stream of new users being able to play, I myself can understand that the need to show us your face is not on any of the top positions of the priority lists of the developers. However I'm sure it will be addressed. At some point.

Using the search function on this very forum, an explanation could have been found:
I'll make that easy ...

Yes I have the same problem go figure, and for those of us who have no photo at all, it would sure be nice, since this is a social platform of sorts, not robots making music together.

I think the best way we can all help address this and other issues on this GREAT site is to DONATE.

I have done so, and everyone else should as well.

Donations = more improvements = more happiness for all.

Long live Jamkazam!
Same issue.
Works fine for me today.
Build 2.00 "1.0.3945"

(03-30-2020, 07:30 PM)AimeeB Wrote: Hello, 

I have tried uploading an avatar photo both online and in the windows app. In both cases, when I click Upload and immediately get a nonsensical error message: App: AhUoVoBZSLirP3esyCl7Zz exceeds the limit. Huh  It won't even let me select a photo. 

Is anyone else having this issue? Am I just doing something wrong? Any workaround recommendations? 

Thanks in advance.
Works fine for me today.
Build 2.00 "1.0.3945"

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