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Grayed Users " No audio ? "
Hey !

Today I created a session with my band. Among the 4 of us 2 could hear everybody , 1 could hear 2 persons and I only could hear 1 person.
Usually the person is " grayed " and I get a " No audio?" yellow notice but the link leads nowhere.
I tried restarting the router, the computer and the app. Nothing seems to work.

How is this possible? 

Thanks in advance,
That question has been adressed elsewhere

and here

from the last link:

General loose tips - if technical problems in sessions; "NO AUDIO" und so weiter:

Author unknown - maybe or probably Eric McQuaid:
"the person seeing no audio usually has a router not letting audio in"

Try RESYNC-button
Try leave session - and come back
Maybe restart JamKazam
- and computer
- and router

Maybe you could/should delete this post afterward - there is really no need for it. It will just fill up the landscape for no special good

And use the search function first another time - for example "no audio", before asking questions

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