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Grayed Users " No audio ? " - Rawdog23 - 04-11-2020

Hey !

Today I created a session with my band. Among the 4 of us 2 could hear everybody , 1 could hear 2 persons and I only could hear 1 person.
Usually the person is " grayed " and I get a " No audio?" yellow notice but the link leads nowhere.
I tried restarting the router, the computer and the app. Nothing seems to work.

How is this possible? 

Thanks in advance,

RE: Grayed Users " No audio ? " - Hans Peter Augustesen - 04-11-2020

That question has been adressed elsewhere

and here

from the last link:

General loose tips - if technical problems in sessions; "NO AUDIO" und so weiter:

Author unknown - maybe or probably Eric McQuaid:
"the person seeing no audio usually has a router not letting audio in"

Try RESYNC-button
Try leave session - and come back
Maybe restart JamKazam
- and computer
- and router

Maybe you could/should delete this post afterward - there is really no need for it. It will just fill up the landscape for no special good

And use the search function first another time - for example "no audio", before asking questions