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Is there a Perfect Hardware Combination?
(05-29-2020, 05:35 PM)dennislamason Wrote: Grettings Jammers :-)

I am new to JK, having tons of problems like many others.
I am stumbling along with a Steinberg UR22C, 4 year old Dell Inspiron 3847, USB 3.0 port that only wants to run at 2.0.
I have managed to get some decent latency, but have occasional I/O issues.
I am able to play with Jamtracks, and JK says I able to jam with others, but I have not tried yet, as I have occasional I/O jitter.

As I navigate this endless rabbit hole WITHOUT an IT background, it occured to me to ask the JK veterans, what would be a perfect, gauranteed to work, combination of processor, audio interface, and audio software.

I don't want to be a computer technician, I want to Jam live music online!
I am willing to purchase the right equipment, just do not know what to get.  
Hope that all makes sense :-)

Is there a Perfect Hardware Combination?

I think what you have now may work just fine. What does JK say your hardware latency is with this setup?
That's the important part.

I don't understand your comment about your USB 3 port only running at 2.0 speeds. I looked at the specs of that Dell computer and it only has USB 2.0 interfaces.

USB 2.0 interfaces will work just fine with JK. If you can dedicate this Windows machine to JK then I'd reinstall Windows which will of course remove all existing third party software and then optimize it for real-time audio. Start by running LatencyMon to see what tuning you'll need:

Report back here with the results and we'll go from there. I've done this with an unused HP laptop and it works great.

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