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Audio interface recommendations?
(06-30-2020, 11:59 PM)Cyril Wrote:
(06-30-2020, 11:14 PM)rengelman Wrote:
(05-21-2020, 01:33 AM)CyrilI\ve just discovered that all members of my ensemble are using a USB microphone with an iMac or Mac laptop. Works great on Jamkazam. However, the USB setup does not work well enough on the Windows 10 partition of my iMac. Accordingly, if you have a Windows PC, you WILL need an audio interface and a non-USB microphone. Sorry I did not test my USB mike on Windows before. Wrote:
(05-18-2020, 10:57 PM)mhholmes Wrote: I'm in a vocal quartet, and we'd like to purchase 4 audio interfaces, preferably all the same, to use with JamKazam. Two of us have Macs and 2 have Windows PCs. We'd like to keep it under $200 each if possible. Any recommendations? We're considering the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, but are looking for any recommendations.

If you are only going to do vocal, all you need is a USB microphone with a headphone jack. I recommend FiFine K670 on Amazon for $60. It really is "plug and play". I am using a USB mike, myself, for playing flute in a group. You don't need an audio interface unless you want to plug in an electronic instrument, such as a guitar or keyboard, in addition to a microphone. -- Cyril Penn
Helpful, Cyril. I mostly will be playing fiddle acoustically, maybe some guitar also acoustically, so perhaps this solution would work for me. But how would I find an ASIO driver that would work with the FiFine K670 on JamKazam? Can you recommend one and tell me how I could obtain it? I've had difficulty finding (and/or activating) an ASIO driver that JamKazam seems to like. Thanks.

I now realize that all members of my ensemble are using a USB mike on an iMac or Mac laptop. Works great on Jamkazam. So I tested my USB mike on the Windows 10  partition I installed on the iMac. Very poor results. I'm sorry to say that Windows PC users will need an audio interface and a non-usb mike to get a decent result. Most of the audio interfaces have an ASIO driver available on the manufacturer's website. I'm sorry that I wrongly assumed that a USB mike would work on Windows, just because the manufacturer said so. To repeat, I now believe that any DAW, including Jamkazam or Jamulus, on Windows will need an audio interface.
Agree. I'd recommend either a MOTU M2 or a Prosonus 96. Both are affordable and provide excellent latency. I've used both.

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