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App freezing and cra$ng on Windows 10
(07-09-2021, 12:02 PM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote:
(07-08-2021, 06:52 PM)B.J. van Hoek Wrote:
(07-02-2021, 01:45 PM)TEG Wrote: Am having similar issue on Win 10, running JK version that has previously worked fine. After creating a private session with friends, but before any friends have joined, it crashes. Yesterday when in session with friend, also on Win 10, he was having crashes but I was not.
Same here.
Last Friday (after the latest update) it went all fine.
For some reason I decided  testing it again tonight and not tomorrow, 15 minutes before our weekly rehearsal session.
Within a minute from loggin in, now the client is crash ing.
What to do now? Tomorrow is our rehearsal.

Hi B.J., did you file a support request?
No, as right after my last report I logged in again and all remained stable (I didn't cange a thing).
Today we had our rehearsal and that problem didn't occur, but again (as it always has been the case from our beginning with JK), audiosettings were different from last week.
Here too, we didn't change a thing. Had to balance channels local and remote again.
Lots of distortion on the remote (incoming) channel too.
Sigh.... Huh

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