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Linux Application
(02-15-2021, 09:11 PM)jamjam Wrote: You can download the Linux beta here - https://jamkazam-repo.s3.amazonaws.com/linux_build/jk_linux-01-10-2021.tar.xz   This beta does not have video support.
1. Expand the file change to the directory
2. Run the app by running ./run.sh
3. You can run with elevated realtime privilege which gives for steadier IO rate by modifying the run command to

Updates to placed in the directory  https://jamkazam-repo.s3.amazonaws.com/linux_build/ 

Here is a way to list directory contents of this S3 bucket > https://github.com/prabhatsharma/s3-directorylisting (per https://stackoverflow.com/a/45825516/292408):

Quote:Just place the index.html file in the root of your s3 bucket and it will list all the root elements of s3 bucket.

  1. Make sure your bucket is public
  2. Make sure the everyone has rights to list bucket contents
  3. Make sure that CORS is enabled
No separate configuration required in this file.
How is progress going on the Linux client?

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