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Latest update 1.0.3680 now says audio interface I/O sample rates is now asymmetric
Hi there,

Looks like the latest update for the Mac app (v1.0.3680) no longer seems to like my previously working Behringer Q502USB interface as it's now claiming that the input and output sample rates are asymmetric (48k and 44.1k respectively) despite all working fine on all of the previous releases I've installed in the last two months using the same interface.

Would anyone have any ideas what's happened as I've tried clearing the audio config in JamKazam and re-adding but it just doesn't work like it should now Sad

Problem solved, I had installed Ableton Live earlier today and by default it was set at 44.1k and not 48k so switching core audio sample rate to 44.1k on my MBP without me realising! Been a long day today!

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