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PC performance and Jamkazam
Hello everyone . I write this post because I need advice. I have an iMAC and a notebook with WIN10. The iMAC has a 2.5GHz i5 processor and is certainly more powerful than the notebook that has an Intel Celeron 1005M 1.9GHz processor. I decided to use the notebook because my Behringer USB interface has a lower latency if used with WIN rather than with MAC. But it happens that sometimes there are significant slowdowns in entering and exiting sessions and sometimes the program crashes and I can no longer update the list of sessions or enter the session. Once in the session there are no problems. With the MAC the problems I have exposed before do not occur. Everything is very fast and the refresh never stops.  My internet connection is good because I have the optical fiber with 900Mb download and 100 Mb upload. So I wonder if replacing the notebook with another more powerful I could solve the problem. How much do you think PC performance on Jamkazam functions can affect? Thanks.
Try search system requirements
I began using JamKazam initially on a 1.8 ghz laptop.  Had to use ethernet-to-usb adapter on it.  It was being pushed to its limits by JamKazam.  Once I switched to a 3ghz desktop with an ethernet port and stronger graphics, everything got much smoother, and crashes nonexistent.  Highly advised.
All i can say is, if you have enough expertise and a couple of hours to create a custom WIN boot from an external SSD drive, your problems may go away. In theory, it makes sense. Here's my Mac post. I'm thinking, what if you did this with WIN. Even with my MAC i brought the processing down to 10 to 15 percent, from 30 to 50 percent spikes

Improving Performance with a Bootable JamKazam Os Drive

I just boot from the drive when I want to Jam, and reboot back to my normal startup when i'm done.

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