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Distance to Me not working
That sounds pretty good.

Technically speaking, it may also be the fastest and most reliable way to do it.

One could then make a probability calculation of the total latency for the different people on the top of the list and further down.

Anyhow: the other options should of course work as they are supposed to. But then again ... hm!
(05-25-2020, 05:28 PM)Grateful Dead Jams Wrote: You are correct. The selection for other areas like this is confusing. Especially, when setting up your profile and you want to make a multiple selection.

I hope i can put you at ease by saying, look the other way. Don't focus on this stuff. The more you look for issues, you'll find them. It's difficult enough they jump right out at you. Just ignore them and don't get caught up in thinking everything thing needs to be reported, or posted. It's assume it's problematic, in my opinion.

As long as I can get into a session and the basic operations to the main features works, I'm okay with it. I can tell you since March, there was a minor overhaul in the interface. It was more broken.

Here's how i'm encouraged


Yes, I think things will improve over time. But right now, the Musicians - Search capability is pretty much useless on the Mac application. (It is much better on the web interface using a browser, but that's not workable in a session environment.) Forget about searching by latency or distance - you can't even search by instrument or genre. Hopefully, with time and contributions it will get better!
I reported this as a Bug in the request forum

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