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automatically subscribe to your own threads

So i've created several threads on here. But i came back after a couple of weeks to find people have responded to them.  I was checking why i didn't get notified of this. I found that I have to manually subscribe to my own threads that I have created (ie i see it below now)?  I would have thought by default my own threads I've created would automatically be checked as "subscribed" below to where i'd get notifications. Maybe there's a setting but I can't find it.  Maybe the admins can find a global setting.  Let me/us know.  Thanks.  if not, i'll have to remember to click that radio button manually everytime I create a new thread, or if I forget, then I'll just never get notified and find my responses on my own weeks down the road lol.

sidenote: why isn't "+1" allowed?  it's too short.  5 chars minimum.  that's too bad.  IMO +1 is a valid, useful, concise comment.

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