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Improving Performance with a Bootable JamKazam Os Drive
Improving Mac Performance with Bootable JamKazam Os Drive

...just sharing
Disclaimer: The following applies to those that are knowledgeable and comfortable with creating Os boot disks.  At your own risk.
I’ve been using JK since March 2020 and my music buddy and I have been getting creative with improving our setup to minimize local latency and CPU Processing. Since internet latency is out of our control, I am sharing a couple of things we have tried that seem to help. Both of us have MOTU interfaces, not that this matters. We are both on Macs, but different models and OS version.

1. I created a dedicated MacOS Sierra boot drive and installed Jamkszam and the audio Interface driver on it. I noticed my system performance is much better because I have no 3rd party applications calling home, and no need of my LittleSnitch IP monitoring utility. Essentially, it'a a vanilla operating system - minimal. When in JK, my CPU processing is down from 20 to 12 %, and audio interfaces and jitter is very low and infrequent. Additionally, I no longer experience unexplained intermittent audio disconnects. Generally speaking, it just runs better.
2. Bypassing the Router. When running from the boot drive, I connect my Mac directly to my Modem - bypassing the router. Of course this impacts my local network but in my case it’s okay. Some Modems have an extra Ethernet port on them. Mine does not.
Overall performance is better and more stable. I also have the JK UDP port option enabled but I don’t believe it would apply since there are no other incoming services to contend with, and the Mac’s software firewall is Off.
It took me about 2 hours to put the Sierra boot drive together, and information is available online to do it. In my opinion since Catalina is the current OS, it may be easier to use the installer from the App store – the certificate should still be valid. When you run it, you should be able to choose an external Drive as the destination. Using Sierra is my personal preference because I like it and I already had the installer.

Does this improve internet latency? Not exactly. It's important to not have false expectations about internet latency. But it has helped reduce and eliminate local latency as much as possible.
It is somehow interesting

But how much has it changed, more detailed, when you mention "But it has helped reduce and eliminate local latency as much as possible"?

Of course it will not "improve internet latency".

It is simply another matter - that dont involve any drives, at least not in any important way.
The main advantage of this approach is perhaps a (much) more secure execution of the program?
Just an update. I re created my boot disk to a SSD, it's much faster. Booting my Mac powerbook up in 30 seconds. Still have a much better experience with lower CPU since there is little to know background services or apps running.

On a separate UNRELATED note, I do experience the Audio dropping when many people are in a session. Requiring the Recync button. I am participating in that thread which seems to be for Mac users.

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