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Recorded Tracks not synchronised
I noticed that the individual tracks of a recording are not in sync. We made a recording of our session this morning, just two of us. I started the recording, everything uploaded fine, all bars are green. The final mix is still queued but that seems a "feature". I don't need it, I will do the mixing myself, so I loaded the tracks into the daw, but they are not in sync, so I had to move one by approximately 200 ms. 

I assume this is the time it takes from my "record" command, until the remote party's JamKazam start recording locally. It is not really a problem, but I would like to know exactly how much I have to compensate the offset, and not guess. Any tipps?

It seems that once I have adjusted the offset, everything is fine from start to end.
They are of course not in sync.

Your recording will be like you hear it.

Neither more nor less.

And if there is a total latency at for example 50ms between you, the recording will be after that.

The other participants track in your recording will then be 50ms out of sync - 50ms delayed

Compensating for that by moving track(s) some milliseconds can of course better it.

But it is and will always be a workaround or provisional solution

Here is a recording from JamKazam.

The drum track is moved about 50 ms - it was about 50ms or more late, delayed.

But it is not at all perfect - it is ONLY a workaround or provisional solution

No, I think we have a misunderstanding here: We played together with a latency of app. 20ms, that's fine, it works well for us.
But the two audio files which were recorded are not synchronised in the same way that the stream mix is, instead the remote file is off by app. 200ms (that is 10 times the latency of the recording). I have the stream mix here, and that is just fine, but when I load the two track files into a DAW I have to offset one to get the same result as in the stream mix.

This really should be the same, but even if it isn't, that doesn't particularly bother me, but I'd like to know what the offset is and not have to guess it. Is it random, depending on how quickly the record command is followed by the remote machine, or is there a reliable value for this?
Ok - then it is of course another matter

Well - I dont know then.

But it is surely interessant. In fact, I have NEVER encountered such a wast amount of off-sync in a recording.

Hold us posted
Do you mean you downloaded the individual files and they were in the same synchronisation as the stream mix?
I wonder how this is done in the final mix, but so far none of the final mixes of our recordings ever arrived...
I don't really need them, I am quite happy to do the mixing myself.
For the sake of order:

Talking about downloading is misleading

The files are simply on the hard drive at the moment the recording is saved.

They are placed in C:\Users\*yourname*\Music\JamKazam\Recordings (for Windows).

No need for any downloading, when they are already there
That is true for your local files, but cannot be true for the remote files, which JamKazam automatically uploads and then downloads. Those will eventually appear in that folder, too (I am on Mac, but the principle is the same).
That's what makes the recording function of JamKazam so valuable, instead of just giving you the stream mix it gives you the original recordings, including the remote ones.
You are not downloading any files from the server.

The server is uploading them - to you. Without any intervention on your part

Eventually look her, by the way:

New content in recorded folders - what is going on?
> https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=781
I have only been doing this a few times but noticed similar problems trying to do the mix myself. I also noticed that the individual track recordings may seem time stretched in comparison - so that I may have to shrink or stretch them to line up. It's almost as if there is some clocking drift - likely or possibly due to jitter which we do see some of on the indicators. I need to do something more exact to test this - creates some specific test files to play into JK to see what's up with the drift and offsets.

"They are placed in C:\Users\*yourname*\Music\JamKazam\Recordings (for Windows)."

...and while this may be true, it is a terribly inconvenient way to work with the audio with GUID-stayle file names. Much easier to select export in the File Manager dialogue and have the tracks appear with "human" names in Documents\JamKazam\Recordings. You end up with two copies of the audio on the computer, which is a bit of a bummer, but I reckon you can erase the GUID versions after the "Export" and all will be fine I think.
Yes, of course - "You end up with two copies of the audio on the computer, which is a bit of a bummer"

But I always copy the relevant files to another computer, which is used for just that task of mixing.

So ...

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