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Beta? Yes please.
(01-24-2024, 10:42 PM)B.J. van Hoek Wrote: Meanwhile, since the end of the year.  I had to go back to the old video, as the beta version gave so much crackle that the band cohesion suffered.

Cant believe things will ever get better', they're worse than before now and there is no reaction from JK whatsoever.
I'm under the impression, there is nobody left at JK, except the person collecting the subscription fees. Undecided


With all respect, this forum is NOT the JK helpdesk. It is community driven (&maintained), for users to share experiences, use cases and possible solutions to real life comparable situations/challenges one might run into using JK.
If you don't find your help or answers here, most likely your fellow users don't know the answer you're looking for. (or might not have a comparable issue)

For personal help, service and/or assistence please contact the JK helpdesk. It really does exist Big Grin . Either via email or the link given in the app. I understand ones level of service is determined by the subscription type.
> Tamacti Jun <

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