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How to properly exit JamKazam program? - SOLVED re 'JamKazam quit unexpectely'
(05-18-2020, 04:57 PM)JiminSalmonArm Wrote: SOLVED - the above problem is triggered by "double clicking" on the JamKazam icon on the Mac's Dock.  With a single click (and waiting- be patient) it opens fine with no error message - details below:
If I open any program by going into Finder - Applications  -  a single click will highlight the program (to allow a copy, delete, etc)  and a double click will open the program
And JamKazam works perfectly if I open it by double clicking the JamKazam.app in the Applications folder.
*** BUT - I had previously placed the JamKazam icon in my Dock to allow easy access
In the Dock, when the icon is double clicked - this is when the error message “JamKazam quit unexpectedly”  comes up

If I open JamKazam from the Dock icon with a SINGLE click - then it works - PERFECTLY !
Double click - gives the error

This is consistent - every time - on both my MacBookPro lap top  (El Capitan 10.11.6) and the MacMini desktop (OSX 10.13.8)
So - cause of problem identified.

Of interest is that all the other program icons in the Dock will open normally with either a single or double click - only JamKazam has an issue with the double click
Hopefully this will help identify where the issue lies - it has been reported to the developers and they have it on their known bug list.
I am sure I’m not the only Mac user who has the habit of double clicking the dock icons.. . . .
OSX dock is 'single click' on everything. Always.

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