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Weird no audio situation
It is curious that in all these cases, they do have working incoming and outgoing audio, only selective incoming audio is working/not working. Have you tried just a one on one session with the person that isn't working in a group session?
I am not sure what you are meaning more precisely.

But in short: I have tried it ALL

With 1, 2 , 7, 9.

Sometimes it is me that dont recieve audio. 2 minutes after it is another person that dont recieve from me.

What usually works:

Resync - leave session and rejoin - restart JamKazam - restart PC. Then it works again.

Mostly it is enough to leave and rejoin.

Sometimes it is enough to "resync"

That's how there is so much
In our case, the 'problem' jammer #2 had the audio problem with jammer #3, even in a one-to-one session.  And we have all learned to check for muted channels, so that's not it.  Every 'obvious' or often-mentioned tweak has been tried multiple times.  Routers have been rebooted, software uninstalled and reinstalled, buffers and frame rates tweaked, audio gear reInstalled  every which way...but Something in the guts of JK code had changed for the worse (although much has improved, too).  Sessions do seem more stable once established.  The new audio console looks promising, even though it's completely undocumented and not intuitive.  Frame rate changes no longer seem possible--there is an adjustment, but it doesn't work for us (it resets after the screen is closed).  Keep up the good work, though!  This software will be worth paying for if the bugs are ever worked out.
You are not mentioning the protocols in router.

Maybe it has been mention earlier. I have nearly total lost the oversight over all the posts about this matter.

But the protocols in the router is very crucial, in fact needed
How could his router settings be wrong if he is able to receive audio from some people? What is different about one person's audio stream then another's as far as the router is concerned?
I assume it is adressed from your side.

So it is only to be sure that it been taking care of

I am not saying that this or that router settings are wrong or good.

I just point at that router fact

Maybe it is needed that I repeat my self (and Eric):

Author unknown - maybe or probably Eric McQuaid:
"the person seeing no audio usually has a router not letting audio in"
(04-27-2020, 07:29 PM)Hans Peter Augustesen Wrote: I assume  it is adressed from your side.

So it only to be sure that it been taking care of

I am not saying that this or that router settings are wrong or good.

I just point at that router fact

I'm not trying to say you're wrong, router settings are definitely an important piece of the puzzle. In my experience, I haven't needed anything other than UPnP enabled - in fact I don't have access to the router where I live to make any port forwarding settings changes. I don't know if this varies for other users. I'm just pondering what would be different between one p2p user's udp stream and another's from the router's perspective.

I wonder if there is something in the (on windows at least) "%appdata%\JamKazam\perfStats\" files that can give you a hint as to why that one user isn't working. There should be a csv file for each user for each session logging a whole bunch of stuff.
OK - good

In my case I have never touch the router, so to speak.

It has worked from the start for me.

And I will not change anything - it is not my router, but the providers.

So to speak I know nothing about it - other than what other people are saying/writing.

And what I have experienced my self, but that can untill further only be regarded as an kind of anecdote.

And that I have told here - I hope!
I've checked the Perfstat csv logs, and, of course, they are full of info that doesn't mean a lot to an outsider, but one thing stood out: I see repeated occurrences of

"John Smith reports network is mangling your source port information"

This is from the log for the jammer #2.  John Smith is Jammer #3.  These are the 2 jammers where #3 can't hear #2.
I assume one of you has fixed (in the app) and forwarded (in his router) ports for use with jkz.
It seems the selected portrange is not accepted by one(?) of the peers.

Can you set up a test with all peers, no FW & UPnP enabled? So no fixed/designated ports.

('Mangle' is a firewall option/function)

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