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Workaround for ASIO Buffer size and other audio I/O issues (Windows)
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Re: Focusrite. You probably have tried this but if you right click on the F icon in your system tray and choose either of the options it opens up Focusrite Control. And you can force JK to accept the setting you are pu$ng at it (I think).
The interface in the DAW has a number of options that mean you can try and stop the devices making changes - https://screenrec.com/share/6pnv4zPik9

If I have JK running I can mess it around by making changes in the Focusrite Control and changing sample rates from one to another (one of the various things I have tried to sort my own problem). Previously JK was picking *120* as a setting it kept liking going back to. Why 120? Who knows?
Thanks Nick. Yes, on the previous software version you could that. Not any longer though. The latest software update for Focusrite comes out as Clock Status Locked. Someone on Focusrite forum suggested that was the problem and suggested downloading the Beta version. However this only made matters worse

 Luis Rios Zamudio It's a problem with your drivers. "Clock Status" always have to be "SYNCED" not "LOCKED" Try this beta drivers and see if the solve your problem.


(04-26-2020, 02:18 PM)marhdeth Wrote: Does Cakewalk have the ability to do hardware sends to an ASIO device separate from the configured interface? You could use a different audio routing software like virtual audio cable, synchronous audio router, jack router to set it up similar to the reaper setup.

The idea is.. since the DAWs are able to reliably change the buffer/SR settings, let them do that. Then just send their output to JK in a way JK can’t mess with your ASIO settings.
Thanks marhdeth. I will ask this on the Bandlab forum as I don't know if it has that capability and if so, how I would go about setting that up. Harley

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