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Workaround for ASIO Buffer size and other audio I/O issues (Windows)
(04-26-2020, 07:57 AM)harleydear Wrote: I have a problem getting my Focusrite 2i4 2nd gen ( with the very latest software upgrade ) to work with Jamkazam. It was working reasonably well a couple of weeks back, but I've since had a windows update of course plus updating the Focusrite software. I don't have reaper, but I do have Bandlab's Cakewalk and the Focusrite works a treat with this.

Anyhow, when I go to set my audio up and have the Focusrite ASIO control buffer set at 32 ( for example ) as soon as I sync, Jamkazam kicks the Focusrite buffer to 440 and then tells me I have a latency problem!  I reset to 32, but resync kicks it back to 440 again. 

If I reset the ASIO buffer to 32 and then go into the Audio Loop Test it JK either crashes, locks or goes into an eternal "Latency test" 

I've spent about 4 hrs trying all sorts of tricks to try and get past this problem but just keep hitting a brick wall. 

I'll post this on the Focusrite forum too, as I assume many people would have the 2i4 and would want to jam over the internet.

Does Cakewalk have the ability to do hardware sends to an ASIO device separate from the configured interface? You could use a different audio routing software like virtual audio cable, synchronous audio router, jack router to set it up similar to the reaper setup.

The idea is.. since the DAWs are able to reliably change the buffer/SR settings, let them do that. Then just send their output to JK in a way JK can’t mess with your ASIO settings.

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