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Workaround for ASIO Buffer size and other audio I/O issues (Windows)
I have a problem getting my Focusrite 2i4 2nd gen ( with the very latest software upgrade ) to work with Jamkazam. It was working reasonably well a couple of weeks back, but I've since had a windows update of course plus updating the Focusrite software. I don't have reaper, but I do have Bandlab's Cakewalk and the Focusrite works a treat with this.

Anyhow, when I go to set my audio up and have the Focusrite ASIO control buffer set at 32 ( for example ) as soon as I sync, Jamkazam kicks the Focusrite buffer to 440 and then tells me I have a latency problem!  I reset to 32, but resync kicks it back to 440 again. 

If I reset the ASIO buffer to 32 and then go into the Audio Loop Test it JK either crashes, locks or goes into an eternal "Latency test" 

I've spent about 4 hrs trying all sorts of tricks to try and get past this problem but just keep hitting a brick wall. 

I'll post this on the Focusrite forum too, as I assume many people would have the 2i4 and would want to jam over the internet.

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