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Workaround for ASIO Buffer size and other audio I/O issues (Windows)
I'm running an old Core i5 3570K (8 gb ram) machine I build back in 2012. Not a slow machine, but its no spring chicken. My Audio I/O jitter varies between 0-2 ms, process hovers between 20-25%. I haven't noticed any issues at all when doing audio only. When video comes into the mix, well, that's a little different. Occasional breaks in the audio stream. I haven't narrowed down the cause, but seeing Dimitri adamantly post around not to bother with video, I'm fairly confident those issues have nothing to do with the audio routing, and more to do with my older pc.

Also, I did a little record test in reaper, recording some claps and measuring the latency between reaper and JK and back, and round trip total delay was < 1 ms. Couldn't get it exactly, Reaper only shows timestamps down to 1 ms.

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RE: Workaround for ASIO Buffer size issues (Windows) - by marhdeth - 04-24-2020, 05:17 PM

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