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Preview/Recording/Mixing Issues
(04-23-2020, 05:51 PM)Hans Peter Augustesen Wrote: Yes, despite those shortcoming i am very satisfied with jamKazam.

I am of course very irritated by this and that shortcomings - but in the whole the program is very good.

If I need to "publish" a recording, I just mix it my self.

And that will even give a better result.

But of course I expect or hope that this and that will be fixet - tomorrow

JamKazam has been lazy - or they have been on work in regular jobs. In 2-3 years.

But now they are more engaged - hope ahead.

In fact I think they now are back in "office" - or some of them

Crunchbase - JamKazam, Inc.


Hi again Hans...so if the system does not do the mix for you as it indicates, how/where do you get those files so you can mix yourself? For me, it only seems to place 2 OGG files in my system related to the recording. One called LOCAL, which is just my vocal, and another called MIX, which is my vocal and acting Jam Track. So if I were to do the same as you're doing, I would need the Jam Track channel as well. Sorry for all the questions, this is brand new to me.

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