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audio issues since last update of JamKazam Mac client - looking for help
(04-21-2020, 10:36 AM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote: >>>
This error appears - mostly - when there is something wrong at your peers side. Not at yours.

When you click 'no', your email program won't start loading thus not giving you the extra system load you can do without while working with any audio.

Thank you for your reply. I suppose it is related to my second post?

Please bear in mind, that the second post is related to the first. I would like to clarify what happens as it doesn't make any sense to my:
  • I am in a session and start getting the constant flow of error notifications which chops up the audio
  • sometimes the attached error window appears.
  • when I click <YES> the email client starts in the background and at the same time the flow of error notifications im JamKazam stops
  • AND from that moment on, despite the extra system load, I am able to hear all the session members perfectly and also to play along with no latency
  • BUT when I close the window the flow error notifications is back and the audio broken again
This observation leads me to believe, that the chopping of the audio signal is caused by the flow error notifications (sometimes up to 1000 in a minute). And these notificatios only started appearing after the last update of the JamKazam client...

I deeply whish I could revert back to the client version before the update.

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