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Apple Airport Extreme
Hi.. Im going a bit crazy trying to work this out, but I cannot get audio through my ATC (Apple Time Capsule).
My set is as follows.
I have an IMAC connected to (ethernet) and my apple time capsule that is L3 connected to my WAN router/MODEM.
I have set a static IP on my IMAC and used the port forwarding function on the ATC for UDP 12000-12010 from the public IP to the static pate IP of my IMAC and no audio gets through..
WHEN I ethernet connect my IMAC directly into the Router/MODEM uplink L3 port it all works !..
So the app setup on my IMAC is fine.
Can someone please tell me why the ATC is not allowing it to work ?
And to add some additional craziness to this, I occasionally am able to send and receive audio to other players in a session. 1 or 2 out of maybe 6 other users in the session are not greyed out, but this is ONLY when I am connected via the ATC..
Please Help!   Im going nuts over this
Cheers Pb

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