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M-audio M-Track 2x2 latency
Hi everyone,

I am trying to add my audio interface, a M-audio M-Track 2x2, as an audio gear in Jamkazam, but I can't get a good enough latency.

I have :
Latency : 47.53 ms (poor)
I/O rate poor
I/O variance poor

My computer is fairly recent and is equipped with a powerfull processor (I7 7th gen). My audio interface is also quite recent.
What I find stange is that the buffer size setting in my audio-interface driver don't have any effect on my latency, it is the same for 528 and 16 (the lowest).

Is it normal ?

I would suggest exiting JamKazam, adjusting the latency in the M-Audio driver to the lowest setting, and then re-launch JK and retest and adjust in there. Sometimes driver control panel settings are overruled/ignored if the driver is currently in use by an application, and maybe vice-versa. Also, I assume you are using the M-Audio ASIO drivers in the audio setup, and not MME or WDM (these are Windows terms).
Hi Blandis, thanks for your input.

I already tried this, and tried it one more time just now...

Yes I am using the ASIO driver.

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