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Focusrite 4i4
Hi All,

I have successfully been jamming using a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 and a Scarlett Solo. 

I recommended the 4i4 to a dear friend of mine across the country. I set his up the same way as mine, I did so over a remote control of his computer to ease things, but after hours of trying everything, I can not get his audio into JamKazam. 

His interface works as we did a small recording with it, his gain is up high enough to almost max out, and I followed the setup procedures about 100 different times. 

He can hear audio from sessions fine, but he can not get a signal to pass through to JamKazam... We're even using identical MacBook Pros. 

Please help. I feel awful because I recommended him to buy this stuff. 

Thank you in advance!!!

Same MacOS? If using Mojave or Catalina, did you put JK in the authorized app input device in preferences?


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