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Need help with setting up Scarlet 2i2 Gen3. Please!
(07-21-2020, 11:33 PM)rebshlomo Wrote:
(07-21-2020, 09:04 PM)MartinB Wrote: I had the same problem with my Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen when updating the Scarlett Control software to the newest version 3.6.0. Fortunately I still had the installation file for the old version (3.5.0). Going back solved the problems.

I contacted the Focusrite support which acknowledged the problem but blamed the JamKazam software. As a workaround they recommended to go into

Manage / Audio Settings / Audio Booster

and reduce the Frame Size to 1 ms or 2 ms there.
I just setup my Scarlett 2i2 on a Dell XPS8700 16GB RAM Intel i7-4790 with SSD, a screaming fast Win10 PC, and cannot get latency below 80ms.

Where can I get the older version of the Scarlett Control Software? Can I get it from you via OneDrive or iCloud?

I have spent about 2 hrs fooling with JamKazam to try to get my latency down, but no matter what I change in buffer size, it resets to 880 and my latency is 80ms.

Hi Martin, believe me, i'm not expert, just starting with Jamkazam, one thought was how is router/modem and internet speed? If you are using one from  your internet provider you may want to consider purchasing your own. Best Buy has a good selection. Also, I'm assuming you are using an Ethernet connection cable from your computer to your router, yes?   I think that is the best way.  Good luck,    Marilyn
(07-22-2020, 06:03 PM)MartinB Wrote: Was on with Focusrite. They sent me this. And it works!  Latency is 8ms Buffer 96 Sampling 48000 Frame size 2ms experimental

Bingo, that's the ticket, thanks.  I saw a written explanation elsewhere, but didn't realize that even when I'm on the add audio popup, I can still click Manage.

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