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Oct 2021 JamKazam Crashes After Starting a Session
Sadly, after usingJamKazam weekly with complete success for a very long time, suddenly it doesn't work on my desktop computer at all.
I have a 2018 iMac running Mojave with a 1 TB SSD and 40 GB of RAM. I connect a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 to it via USB C. Initially what seemed to be happening was that when I started JamKazam, it would crash within 40 seconds. This happened every single time. The troubleshooting that I tried was 1) Restarting JamKazam, 2) Rebooting the computer (and only running the Focusrite Control Pannel & JamKazam), 3) Disconnecting the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 and using my USB based Blue Yeti, 4) I uninstalled the JamKazam software and reinstalled it.

At this point, the best that the situation improved is that it seemed like I could load the program and it wouldn't crash, but as soon as I joined a session, the program would crash within 20-30 seconds. I have been trying different things for two weeks now with no success on this iMac.
I have been able to play in one session using my underpowered MacBook Air 2018 with a 500 GB SSD and 16GB RAM running Catalina. It only crashed once, but for some reason the volume that is heard by the others on the session is very loud and I can do nothing to decrease it using the JamKazam program, the controls on my Focusrite 4i4 Control Pannel software, or mic. I tried the Blue Yeti with the MacBook Air and even with the Gain turned all of the way down, I still go into the red zone in the JamKazam software and it is too loud of the others still. In addition, I never intended to use this laptop for JamKazam, and although it sort of works, I really don't like it. JamKazam did crash once, but once I reloaded, I was able to continue.

If anyone had any suggestions for dealing with my iMac, I would really appreciate it. I wondered if there was something 'more' than just deleting JamKazam that could flush out anything left on my computer that could fully clear out anything related to JamKazam.
Sorry to hear that.
What happened on your end though? JKz has not been updated/changed for some time now. And you write you've been using the program successfully for a long time.

I would advice not to uninstall/delete JKz. This has no use whatsoever since the config files stay on your machine when you do so. In the JKz menu you can delete 'Audio' & 'ALL' configurations. Pls do so. Then remove all audio hardware & drivers from your machine. Only reconnect/reinstall what you actually use for playing/jamming. Open JamKazam and go through the initial setup like you did on first use. (reboot after remove/uninstall and reconnect/reinstall wouldn't harm ...)

BTW - your 2018 Air should be adequate to run JKz. I doubt the volume issue is a JKz problem.
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