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What is "High Performance Mode"
(04-06-2020, 05:49 PM)Scott_Graham Wrote: It's your computer's power plan.  Jamkazam wants you to select the high performance plan.  I found on my laptop running windows 10 that the high performance plan wasn't listed.  I had to choose create "custom plan", and then, high performance was available.  I'm honestly not sure how critical this is.  It basically keeps things from going to sleep, but if you're actively using your computer, I wouldn't expect things to be sleeping.  You may want to toggle this power plan off and on depending upon whether you're actively using jamkazam.  I *want* peripherals to sleep if I'm not using my laptop (or desktop for that matter). 

It's very critical.... If you don't want to change the default power plan then just keep the laptop plugged into the charger while using JK.

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