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Zoom Q2n-4k as a webcam
check the menu bar "Manage" [macOS] under the video settings I believe you can adjust the timing of the video. IIRC?
im sure Win10 must have same option (but I dont know where that would reside)
My first q2n-4k would freeze up (requiring power removal to restart) every time I tried to use it with JamKazam.  I got a replacement and it generally works (froze up only once so far). 
I get added audio distortion when I turn it on.  I'm using a Presonus Studio 192 on my Win 10 box.  I've tried playing with some of the settings to see if different resolution or frame rate might solve that but no luck.  Has anybody else experienced this problem?
q2n-4k freeze: its your USB cable. I had freezes with one cable, got a better quality cable with solid connection and the freezing went away.

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