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(04-05-2020, 06:28 PM)Rasby Wrote: I have been trying for four days to register and open an account. I put in all the info on the register page. Then i click the box "I am not a robot". Then a pic divided in squares opens and I click on all the squares that they indicate, like"all buses" or whatever. Then click the button "verify". It then freezes indefinitely. I have even left it for hours waiting for something to happen, but it just freezes.. I have done this for 4 days , multiple times a day with no results. I still have NO account.

Has anyone experienced this? How did you overcome it?


Greetings Rasby,

Me and some of my friends had a similar problem as you are describing, and as some other folks further down this thread are describing. Very frustrating!!!
Here is what worked for me: Quit the JamKazam app on your computer, and open your web browser (I used Firefox, but chances are it's going to work in other browsers, as well). In your web browser, go to jamkazam.com, once there, click on "Sign Up, It's Free" or such. The sign up process should work smoothly there : ) Have fun jamming : )


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