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M1 BigSur 11.2 - Session constantly crashes
? Anyone else experienced this:

JK running on a M1 MacMini using an RME Babyface and a generic Chinese HD USB Webcam (brandname JIGA at Amazon)

I managed to create a session and could communicate wit a fried fr some time, this was interrupted by JK crashes several times, but I could re-enter the session after a restart of JK. then I joined a session and JK worked for about 5 Minutes, then suddenly crashed (disappeared completely). After restarting JK and re-renering this session JK crashed after maybe 10 seconds repeatedly for about 10 times, until I finally gave up.

When can we expect a native M1 version?

The software seemed a bit fragile during the whole setup process, so it feels a bit like not too good running this software. think I will instantly revoke my silver plan.

regards, Frank
It will be while before audio apps will be ready for ARM architecture. The only apps that are native right now are from Apple.

Sorry for the bad news, but Big Sur and M! CPUs are nose-bleed technology in the audio world.

I'm staying on Intel architecture and Catalina for another year at least, because I don't want to work - I just want to bang on my drum all day

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