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JK won't load - since Fri Feb 19
(02-24-2021, 12:50 AM)Richard Orr Wrote: I am having a terrible time since I downloaded the latest version of JK. Every time I open the Jk app, I get a black screen saying "Reattempting to load jamkazam.com ..." this has been going on for a week now.  I have rebooted my router and my iMac; deleted all the extra Focusrite baggage; deleted all JK stuff and started from scratch--nothing!  I can't even get in touch with administration to cancel my subscription for the very poor setup. Jamulus works just fine.

Hi Richard,

What OS are you on?
Do you have any antivirus/firewall software?

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RE: JK won't load - since Fri Feb 19 - by Jamkazam - 02-24-2021, 02:49 AM

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