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JK won't load - since Fri Feb 19
(02-23-2021, 04:39 AM)JiminSalmonArm Wrote: Is anyone else having this problem?
I've been using JamKazam very successfully since March 2020 - always a few glitches, but every week getting better and better.
Worked fine Thursday Feb 18
Then Friday Feb 19 it would not load - repeatedly got error message  in a red box  "N/A",  the the error message "unable to load conversations"
All my Friends are missing
Will not allow a session to start - not even a private session.  error message "Unable to start a session"

I've deleted the JK program and reloaded - same issue
My log in and password work to get into JK,  but are rejected by 

MacBook Pro (13inch mid 2012) OS 10.14.6   16GB RAM

A neighbour 50 miles away had issues but eventually got his to work
A second in my same town has the same issue, and still no go
We are all in British Columbia, Western Canada

The rest of our band in mid and east coast USA don't have any issues.

Anyone else having this issue?
Thanks for any suggestions

Hi Jim,

We've been hearing these reports in past 2-3 days.  Something is going on but we haven't seen it ourselves.

Could you gather up your logs from the app in this manner and share either here or email to support@jamkazam.com?

There are some logs that you can send, which require a few clicks to get. Let me share the steps:
  1. Start JamKazam.    Assuming the incorrect behavior occurs, now let's get some logs.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the main application window, and select Inspect

  3. A small window will pop up -- please make it much bigger.

  4. In the top-right, there is is the word Console, please click it. 

  5. A bunch of lines of text now show.  Here's the tricky part -- we want to copy all of the text to your clipboard.   

  6. Here's how I find easiest to do it: starting at the top-left of the window, left-click and don't let go; we are going to select all this text by just dragging our mouse to the bottom of the window, while still holding down the left-click. Once the cursor is on the last line of text, the text should all look blue (selected).  Once it does, Command + C (MacOSX) or CTRL + C (Windows) to copy to clipboard, and paste it back in this thread please.
Thanks much,
JamKazam Support

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