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Is a live session jam with video even possible?
I'm on day 5 of setting up JK to work with my laptop (Windows 64 bit Intel i7) Presonus Audiobox 96 and Xfinity high speed ethernet connection. I am a pro-user/early adopter when it comes to tech such as this but after scouring the forums and YouTube videos I see that many recommend not using video if you really want to avoid latency problems.

So I want to ask whether JK is really just an audio-only jamming platform? Yes, I do see lots of examples of it being used with video but I also see many video latency issues being discussed in these forums and wonder if jams with video is even a real option and, if so, how. 

I haven't yet tried it out, and as soon as a friend of mine who is also setting up JK is ready we will be doing some test sessions, but I'm here to ask if it is even worth trying. I'm starting to think not.

 - Mark

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Is a live session jam with video even possible? - by mportman - 02-21-2021, 06:05 PM

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