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I can only hear one participant
I have a problem on a Windows laptop and Presonus audio box.  I can hear one participant.  He and all of the others can hear me and all others.  I can hear the others faintly.  Rebooted router, laptop, JK client - no change.  All the same folks worked together many times before this issue started.
thank you for adding the statement that "the same folks worked together .... before this issue started". That's the question I was going to ask about your other post, but the answer is here.

more questions:

Is the person you can hear the same player every time, or does that change? If it's always the same person, and you can consistently get a clean connection with that person, then the issue is with the other players. If the "clear connection" player is different from one session to another, that suggests the issue may be with your end of the chain.

Are the "faintly heard" players sounding clear, but faint, or are they sounding distorted? If they are sounding clear but simply faint, then you might be able to correct things using the Power Mixer. You could also ask the other player to increase their input volume. If they sound faint AND distorted then the firsst thing I would try is to set everyone to the same sample rate at the end. For me and my partners, the best setting seems to be 48kHz . One thing about sample rate to keep in mind - Jamkazam sends the audio in a compressed form, and AFAIK it's a 44.1kHz sample rate. I know that the OGG files it saves on my hard drive are always 44.1, even though all of my hardware is setup to run either 48 or 96. So, for trouble shooting purposes, you might want to ask everyone to setup at 44.1 kHz.

This last question may be hard to answer:
What has changed since the last time you had a session with no problems? Anything could upset the apple cart - Windows updates, JK updates, installing a new application or device driver (especially if it's something audio-related). 10 years ago I was an IT tech, and as a matter of policy my users were not allowed to make any changes on their own, and all Windows updates were administered through our domain controller. Way to often those "updates" or "improvements" blew something up. It could be almost anything that triggered the problem, and it might not be at your end, but their is an explanation somewhere.

If you are on a Gold or Platinum plan, definitely submit a trouble ticket to the help desk.

If you are silver, there's a lot of self-help documentation here:

Thank you for your thoughts. I have played with these same four players dozens of times for many months without issues.
(02-21-2021, 05:23 PM)stevekop@hotmail.com Wrote: Thank you for your thoughts.  I have played with these same four players dozens of times for many months without issues.
Verify all of you are using peer to peer routing (under Manage \Network\Route...

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