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audio setup
I have a Mac running Catalina and am using a Focusrite 3rd Gen interface. This has been working fine with Jamkazam but I had a crash today and had to restore from a Time Machine backup. Now I get no audio through the interface into Jamkazam. The interface is fine with Presonus Artist and other audio software. I uninstalled Jamkazam and downloaded a fresh copy and installed that. I went through the audio setup and the interface appeared in the drop down list but no audio came through, When I got to the page with the single test button, this worked fine.
If I go into a session, I can hear others but there is no audio input from my mic and instrument despite the lights on the interface showing activity. If I switch on the direct monitoring, I can hear everything. This is turned off when I am using Jamkazam.
Any suggestions would be very welcome. This is driving me gently off the rails....
I think the Gen 3 uses Focusrite control software, right? do you have that installed?

I read that your "test" phase of the audio profile setup actually worked, so this seems to be a software problem not a hardware problem.

If you can hear others in a session, and they can hear you, then your problem lies with the monitoring aspect of Jamkazam. One feature of JK that could help you is the Power Mixer
You should check out the Help section of the forum. there's a document about privacy settings. check it out.
Do I necessarily need an external audio interface?
I'm a percussionist; I play hand percussion and I'm just starting JamKazam.
Most computers' built-in audio does not work well for this purpose. In my opinion, you need a qualified audio interface if you are going to successfully participate in a session. Also, being a percussionist, you should look for the absolute lowest latency you can afford. The MOTU M series has very low latency, for example.

You will also need at least one decent microphone, unless you play electronic drums

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