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audio setup - al.harris478@gmail.com - 02-19-2021

I have a Mac running Catalina and am using a Focusrite 3rd Gen interface. This has been working fine with Jamkazam but I had a crash today and had to restore from a Time Machine backup. Now I get no audio through the interface into Jamkazam. The interface is fine with Presonus Artist and other audio software. I uninstalled Jamkazam and downloaded a fresh copy and installed that. I went through the audio setup and the interface appeared in the drop down list but no audio came through, When I got to the page with the single test button, this worked fine.
If I go into a session, I can hear others but there is no audio input from my mic and instrument despite the lights on the interface showing activity. If I switch on the direct monitoring, I can hear everything. This is turned off when I am using Jamkazam.
Any suggestions would be very welcome. This is driving me gently off the rails....

RE: audio setup - Zlartibartfast - 02-19-2021

I think the Gen 3 uses Focusrite control software, right? do you have that installed?

I read that your "test" phase of the audio profile setup actually worked, so this seems to be a software problem not a hardware problem.

If you can hear others in a session, and they can hear you, then your problem lies with the monitoring aspect of Jamkazam. One feature of JK that could help you is the Power Mixer

RE: audio setup - GDJ - 02-20-2021

You should check out the Help section of the forum. there's a document about privacy settings. check it out.

RE: audio setup - sbishel@yahoo.com - 03-03-2021

Do I necessarily need an external audio interface?
I'm a percussionist; I play hand percussion and I'm just starting JamKazam.

RE: audio setup - Zlartibartfast - 03-03-2021

Most computers' built-in audio does not work well for this purpose. In my opinion, you need a qualified audio interface if you are going to successfully participate in a session. Also, being a percussionist, you should look for the absolute lowest latency you can afford. The MOTU M series has very low latency, for example.

You will also need at least one decent microphone, unless you play electronic drums