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Unsuccessful Server connection with 2nd PC
Dimitri Muskens>>>
Hi Kuba.O

Not sure how much filtering you're doing on/for "Laptop 1"(?)

Are you blocking any TCP and/or port 80/443 traffic? (for JKz?)
Thanks Dimitri,

I am try to figure out where to look for it again.

But I have checked information under Ethernet connection on Laptop 2 and could compare the settings with LT 1.

I looked under

   > windows security
      > Firewall and network protection
         > advanced (further) properties
            > Windows defender firewall with extended Security

                > incoming rules and outgoing rules

The settings are the same for Jazkazam on both LTs under "incoming rules".

I  guess that this is because Jazkazam was cleared for the firewall to pass on the "App filter page".

On both LTs can not see JK mentioned in "outgoing rules", though JK works on LT2 ( as mentioned).

I think it would it woul dbe most helpfull if you could tell me where to look if the ports mentioned by you are cleared / unblocked.

Thanks Kuba.0


I can see port settings and properties for the JAMKAZAM Music Client in the beforementioned incoming rules as said before.

Agian, In detail upon checking on both LTs the settings are the same and "local" and "remote"port settings are all set to "variable / random, "not "specific".

Regs Kuba.O

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