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Unsuccessful Server connection with 2nd PC
(01-24-2021, 09:32 PM)Kuba.O Wrote: Hello All,

After trying for the past 9 hours to get to the bottom of it why the server connection does not work , I unfortunately have to post this.

set up in brief:
Laptop 1 (high performance Win 10) installed with JK  and all audio and video settings.  >all ok  with all tests passed - but no server connection - always retrying though with no success.

Win Firewall disabled - still no joy- no other Firewall present.
Looked also in router to set UDP port forwarding ( ie with 12000 - 12010) for this Laptop- did not work.
Tried set up in dynamic port release , could enter values of 12000 - 12010, but could not find Port Nr for "releasing" port.

JK is allowed through the Firewall in private and public networks on this Laptop.

To get a comparison I launched JK with another Laptop ( low performance ( old Thinkpad - Win10).
 > Apart from messages that PC is not suitable (only 2 cores ), connection to Media Relay Server works slow but worked, even with no explicit port forwarding set up in router for this Laptop...

So that should prove that there should be no  issue with the router....actually.?

JK is allowed through the Firewall in private and public networks onth this Laptop also.

Both Laptops are connected to the router via LAN connection.

Any ideas or what the problem might be and what to check for?

I really did not anticipate the high performance PC giving any problems....

Best Regs Kuba.0
Does it have Internet connectivity to other sites?

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